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We have some GREAT deals on some NEW portable DEF units!

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26-gallon unit:  on/off switch, 8' battery leads,
filter, manual nozzle and keep clean nozzle bag.
24"l x 23"h x 18"d, 31lbs empty weight

Heartland EasyDEFPump 26-g PDU   24Lx18Dx23H


50-Gallon unit: High Lift, 12 Volt DEF Transfer Tank, 14' Max Lift
Ships FULLY assembled, ready to fill and use in minutes

Includes12 Volt DEF Submersible Pump,
DEF nozzle, dust cover, 20' 3/4" hose, waterproof switch,
filter, and 8" battery leads.
24"h x 38"l x 22"d, 41lbs empty weight

Heartland EasyDEFPump 50-g PDU   38Lx22Dx24H


55 Gallon Drums - $119.00

2x2.5 Gallon Cases - $15.99

Prices good until April 30th, 2020

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