Quality Control

Did you know that United Lubricants products are tested at every step of the manufacturing process? A single product can be tested up to 10 times before leaving the blending plant! However, once the products reach the customer, testing shouldn’t stop. Performing used oil analysis tests can help your fleet reach its full potential:

  • Reduce downtime and labor costs
  • Identify wear and contamination problems early
  • Provide longer equipment life
  • Reduce the number of oil changes
  • Establish safe and proper drain intervals

Farmers Cooperative saves over $250,000 annually by performing used oil analysis tests, and that does not count the engine problems we catch before they escalate into more costly disasters. Think about how much it will save you!

Stop by your local Farmers Cooperative to purchase used oil sample kits, or contact a Lube Order Desk for details. To speak with a certified Oil Monitoring Analyst, call the North Desk. 

South Desk: 402-223-3200
North Desk: 402-742-3311