Mixed sentiment on OECD warning, Mid-East tensions and squeezed US liquidity

Asian markets traded on varied risk sentiment on Friday, as a bag of mixed news left investors undecided on whether to enter or to exit risky assets.

OECD warned that the global growth fell to the lowest levels since the last financial crisis amid the trade war between the US and China dampened the global economic activity and investors confidence. Anti-China protests in Hong Kong took a toll on the citys businesses, and the HK case was brought to the attention of the US lawmakers, which now discuss a yearly review of the situation in Hong Kong when it comes to the special status of the city. Meanwhile, geopolitical tensions between the US and Iran escalate, as Iran threatens of an all-out war if Saudi or the US strike on the country as a response to the Aramco drone attacks.

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Opening calls

FTSE to open 32 points lower at 7324

DAX to open 26 points lower at 12432