Precision Ag Manager
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Using Data to Drive Decisions on Your Farm

If you apply even amounts of seed, nitrogen, and nutrients across your field, will you receive even yields across your field? No, because most fields have soil and topographic variability. Field variability needs to be accounted for, if you're looking to increase yield and efficiency.

Did you know, it's possible to use the same amount of seed, nitrogen, and nutrients as your flat rate applications and still increase yields. Simply by redistributing the inputs based on yield potential zones.

Yield potential zones are a key factor to determining the optimal rate of seed, nitrogen, and nutrients for maximum yields. We create yield potential zones by utilizing yield data, imagery, and/or electrical conductivity.  

No one knows your farm better than you.  We are here with you and for you to help understand your field’s specific needs and to help you maximize your fields potential. We combine your knowledge, data, and our agronomic expertise to provide you with superior agronomic recommendations.

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